Your Form 4’s have never been easier!

Our Silencer Shop Kiosk is set up and ready to process form 4’s for transfer of your suppressors or other NFA items.


  • Our NFA experts will handle the entire NFA submission for you – so you can rest easy knowing your Form 4 paperwork is being submitted quickly and correctly.
  • We’ll keep you updated as the transfer status changes; providing information like the serial number of each suppressor, submission dates, shipping dates, and the date the ATF cashes your tax stamp check.
  • You’ll get your approval quickly, no matter where you live – and you can pick up the suppressor at the local dealer you choose. (Be sure to look at our current approval times to see what’s coming back approved.)
  • We back up every PBSS transfer with a satisfaction guarantee – so you can be assured that your purchase is also “Guaranteed By Silencer Shop”!